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Metakrafter community members are Streamlining Web3 Experience Through testing and support

Become a Metakrafter and Earn $KRAFT Points!

Metakrafters are the visionary pioneers who believe in the transformative power of Metakraft AI's platform to shape the future of spatial computing and the metaverse. By engaging with Metakraft, Metakrafters play a crucial role in testing and shaping the platform's development, driving innovation and mainstream adoption.As a Metakrafter, you can earn $KRAFT, Metakraft's native token, through a variety of activities:

Testing and Feedback

Participate in early beta testing of Metakraft's features and functionalities. Provide valuable feedback and insights that help refine the platform, and earn $KRAFT for your contributions.

Community Engagement

Connect with fellow Metakrafters on our Discord server, engage in discussions, and share your ideas and experiences. Actively participate in the community and earn $KRAFT rewards.

Content Creation

Become a content creator for Metakraft, producing tutorials, guides, or showcasing your creations on our platforms. Share your expertise and inspire others, while earning $KRAFT for your efforts.

Referrals and Ambassadorship

Invite your friends and colleagues to join the Metakraft community. As a Metakraft Ambassador, you can earn $KRAFT for every new user you bring on board.


Participate in Metakraft's decentralized governance by putting your $KRAFT tokens to work. Contribute to the platform's decision-making process and earn rewards for your involvement. By becoming a Metakrafter, you not only earn $KRAFT, but you also play a vital role in shaping the future of spatial computing and the metaverse. Join us on this exciting journey and be a part of the Metakraft revolution!

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