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About Metakraft AI

Metakraft AI was founded with the vision of enabling more people to create and explore in the metaverse. By integrating AI and web3 technologies, they aim to lower the barriers to entry and make spatial development more accessible. The platform works by providing users with a no-code interface to craft worlds effortlessly. It allows users to adapt themes and workflows in seconds, designed for everyone. The AI simplifies development, launching scenes instantly.


Metakraft AI was founded in 2023 by a team of experienced game industry veterans who had previously started a successful game design studio. Recognizing the broader applications of their design expertise, they began collaborating with leading companies in real estate and gaming.In 2023, Metakraft AI was accepted into the prestigious Brigade REAP accelerator program, which provided the resources and support needed to bring their vision to life. Shortly after, the company completed a successful angel round of funding, allowing them to officially launch Metakraft AI.

The founding team, brought over 40 years of combined engineering and Web3 experience to the table. With diverse backgrounds including Harvard, London Business School, and Defiant, the Metakraft AI team was well-equipped to create a user-friendly platform that empowers anyone to craft immersive experiences in the spatial web.

The name "Metakraft" was chosen to represent the company's mission of providing a streamlined, abstracted, and easy-to-use solution for spatial development. With the backing of the Brigade REAP program and a talented team of industry veterans, Metakraft AI is poised to lead the charge in democratizing the metaverse.


Our vision is to lead the future of spatial computing by providing tools and technologies that empower creators to build intelligent and immersive environments. We aim to make advanced AI accessible and practical for all kinds of spatial development projects.

Progress and Roadmap

  • Early Development: Initial research and development focused on foundational AI technologies.

  • Platform Launch: Release of the first version of the Metakraft AI platform, featuring core tools for spatial development.

  • Feature Enhancements: Continuous improvement of the platform, adding new features and capabilities.

  • Future Plans: Expansion into new areas of spatial computing and further integration of emerging technologies.

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