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How Metakraft AI Platform Works

The Metakraft AI platform functions by integrating advanced AI

How Metakraft AI Platform Works

The Metakraft AI platform functions by integrating advanced AI algorithms into the development process, enabling creators to build spatial environments that are both intelligent and interactive. The platform provides a suite of tools for designing, developing, and deploying these environments, making it easier for developers to implement complex features.

Metakraft AI is revolutionizing the way people create and interact with digital content. At the heart of the platform is an advanced AI engine that empowers users to effortlessly craft immersive 3D experiences, from initial ideation to final publication.

From Idea to Reality

The Metakraft AI platform offers a seamless workflow that allows users to transform their ideas into tangible 3D creations. Whether you start with a simple text description or an inspirational image, the platform's AI-powered tools can bring your vision to life.


Users can simply describe the 3D object they have in mind, and the Metakraft AI engine will translate that description into a fully realized 3D model. The platform's natural language processing capabilities allow it to understand the user's intent and generate the corresponding 3D asset, complete with the desired size, style, and technical details.


For users who prefer a more visual approach, Metakraft AI also offers the ability to generate 3D models from reference images. By analyzing the visual elements and spatial relationships within the provided image, the platform can construct a 3D representation that captures the essence of the original design.

Effortless Content Creation

Once the initial 3D asset is generated, users can further refine and customize it using Metakraft AI's intuitive no-code interface. The platform's AI-powered tools simplify tasks like modeling, texturing, and animation, allowing even non-technical users to craft professional-grade 3D content.

Adaptive Workflows

Metakraft AI's platform is designed to be highly adaptable, enabling users to quickly adjust themes, layouts, and workflows to suit their specific needs. With the ability to adapt in seconds, users can experiment with different design elements and iterate on their creations with ease.

Instant Publishing

When the 3D content is ready, Metakraft AI streamlines the publishing process, allowing users to instantly deploy their creations across multiple platforms, including Meta, VisionPro, and HTC. This global reach empowers creators to share their immersive experiences with a wide audience.

Monetization and Web3 Integration

Metakraft AI's platform also integrates blockchain technology, enabling users to build and launch their 3D experiences as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This gives creators more control over their digital assets and the ability to directly engage with their audience, potentially earning rewards for their contributions.

By seamlessly blending AI, no-code tools, and web3 capabilities, Metakraft AI is empowering a new generation of creators to craft innovative and immersive digital experiences. Whether you're a seasoned 3D artist or a budding creator, the Metakraft AI platform provides the tools and resources you need to bring your ideas to life and share them with the world.

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