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Metakraft Points

Earn Your Stake in the Spatial Web

Metakraft Points: Earn Your Stake in the Spatial Web

Users can earn Metakraft Points ($KRAFT) by actively engaging with the Metakraft platform and contributing to its growth. These points represent a stake in the future success of Metakraft and the broader spatial web ecosystem.

How to Earn $KRAFT

  • Complete transactions and interactions within the Metakraft platform

  • Refer new users to the Metakraft community

  • Take part on Metakraft Game Bot, Zealy or Discord Ranks

  • Report bugs, errors, or provide valuable feedback to the Metakraft team

  • Compete in community challenges and events

$KRAFT: Your Digital Assets in the Future

Your $KRAFT balance serves as a representation of your stake in the Metakraft protocol. As the platform grows and evolves, the value of your $KRAFT holdings will increase, aligning your interests with the long-term success of the spatial web.

Ranking and Benefits

Your $KRAFT balance is used to rank you among other active Metakraft users. Higher rankings unlock additional benefits and rewards, such as early access to new features, exclusive content, and special privileges within the Metakraft ecosystem.

Visible in the Metakraft Wallet

Your $KRAFT balance is easily accessible and visible directly in the Metakraft Wallet, your all-in-one account for managing your spatial web activities. The wallet provides a seamless interface for tracking your $KRAFT earnings, staking, and participating in the Metakraft community.

By earning $KRAFT, you become an integral part of the Metakraft community and contribute to the growth and development of the spatial web. Your points represent a tangible stake in the future, and as the platform evolves, so too will the value of your $KRAFT holdings.

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