$KRAFT: Powering the Metakraft Creator Economy

$KRAFT is the native token of the Metakraft ecosystem, designed to empower

$KRAFT: Powering the Metakraft Creator Economy

$KRAFT is the native token of the Metakraft ecosystem, designed to empower and incentivize the platform's growing community of creators, developers, and users.

Earning $KRAFT

Metakraft community members can earn $KRAFT tokens through a variety of engaging activities:

  • Content Creation: Creators can earn $KRAFT by developing and publishing immersive 3D experiences, tutorials, or other valuable content on the Metakraft platform.

  • Platform Interactions: Users can earn $KRAFT by completing transactions, referring new members, reporting bugs, and actively participating in the Metakraft community.

  • Governance: $KRAFT holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards and participate in the platform's decentralized decision-making processes.

  • Competitions and Challenges: Metakraft regularly hosts community events, hackathons, and challenges, where participants can earn $KRAFT for their contributions.

The Power of $KRAFT

$KRAFT serves as the primary utility token within the Metakraft ecosystem, enabling a range of functionalities:

  • Spatial Experience Monetization: Creators can build and launch their 3D experiences as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using $KRAFT, giving them more control over their digital assets and the ability to directly engage with their audience.

  • Platform Transactions: $KRAFT facilitates seamless transactions and interactions within the Metakraft platform, abstracting away the complexities of gas fees and approvals.

  • Liquidity Provisioning: Protocols and applications integrated with Metakraft must stake $KRAFT to secure the volume of transactions and interactions within their virtual environments, ensuring the stability and reliability of the spatial web.

  • Governance: $KRAFT holders can participate in the platform's decision-making processes, shaping the future direction of Metakraft and the broader spatial computing ecosystem.

Token Distribution and Community Allocation

The total supply of $KRAFT tokens is 1 billion, with a significant portion (30%) dedicated to the Metakraft community and creators. By allocating a substantial amount of $KRAFT tokens to the community and creators, Metakraft aims to foster a thriving ecosystem where users are empowered to contribute, innovate, and be rewarded for their efforts.Join the Metakraft revolution and become a part of the spatial computing future, powered by the $KRAFT token.

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